AGP Video (AGP) is the premier government access video production/web streaming company in the state of California. It provides complete meeting facilitation, including audio and presentation systems, video production, streaming and archiving services for meetings, workshops and events. It understands government process, and can provide ancillary items as needed, as well as personnel who serve as additional support staff.

Video Production

AGP provides top quality live-edit digital video and audio production services, through the use of a multi-source editing system, using a combination of robotic, static, and hand-operated cameras and presentation system inputs. All the sources are connected to the editing system and mixed in real time during the meeting, with character generated information added at the bottom, allowing for at least basic agenda item notation, meeting identification, and date stamping. The final video is recorded to redundant digital recorders at full HD quality for post-production duplication and distribution. A separate audio recording is made, serving as a source of an MP3 file for use as an emergency back up, a separate streamable archive and for distribution as hard copies. Single camera capture is available in special cases to capture meeting or workshop process that are not viewed live.

Audio Systems

AGP is prepared to provide complete audio systems at the venue. If a suitable audio system for production purposes is present and available for use at the venue, AGP will use that system with augmentation as necessary. Typically, a mixture of wired stationary microphones and wireless microphones are necessary, with all microphones mixed using a either a manual mixing board or an automated system. AGP can reinforce the audio in house using either the existing in-house system or by providing its own expandable and unobtrusive speaker system.

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